Sharp edges baking my normal map

Hi! I’m working on normal maps for the second time and some sharp edges appear to my map I don’t know why. I have the low and high poly and this is my normal map with the sharp edges I talk about and the result:

I’ve adjusted the “extrusion” and the “max ray distance” but the map doesn’t change. I’d be eternally glad if you help me.

Thanks in advance!

Not shure what sharp edges mean, but if you have problems with antialiasing you could use textools for baking

I mean that the Normal Map should be smoother… Now, we can see the the quads of the low poly mesh in the map and final result

Maybe check autosmooth value

Ok it was that :sob: thank you so much!

Hey, i also got the same problem and cant find the solution. What did you mean by check autosmooth value ? is it a button in TexTools ? i cant find in

Just right click to the low poly (or both) objects and press “Shade smooth”. Then, the edges will be rounded and the problem disappears.

If not, maybe you should put higher the value of extrude of the bake, so the high poly object could be bigger than the low poly one.

I hope I helped you!

object data properties->normals