Sharp edges in liquid simulation...

Hi, I’m having some difficulty with getting decent looking liquid, even though I’ve managed it a few times previously. As you can see from this partial render, I’m getting sharp edges:

This is with a resolution of 220, using the Oil preset…

Any ideas?

Several likely culprits: you probably have objects in your simulation that have unapplied scales and/or rotations. Ctrl-A in object mode for each participant in that sim. You also may have a domain that is too big for the fluid. Your domain should always be as small as you can possibly get away with. Keep it as close to the fluid as you can. Finally, the scale of the whole sim might just be way off. If there’s too big a disagreement between the Real World Size value and the actual dimensions of the system, you can get odd results. If you’re clever and plan ahead, they can be exactly the odd results you want, but if you do it by accident, well…not so much.

If none of those suggestions help, upload your .blend file to and give us the link.

A couple of the letters which fall into the liquid were scaled without the scale applied, fixed that but still the same. There is rotation, but this is desired so not sure what I’d do about that. The liquid is sitting right inside the domain, and I’m using world units so I can’t edit the real world size.

Still odd results:

Yeah, animated rotation on those letters is fine, though you should probably have put their origin points inside each letter, rather than all in the same place in the middle. I guess you must have split a single object into three at some point.

I think the problems are all coming from your fluid object. It is penetrating the walls of the domain. All but the top face are just a tiny bit outside the domain box. That’ll confuse the sim. Scale it down a little and move it up. And apply those scales if you do it in object mode, of course.

Also, all the edges on the fluid object are marked as freestyle edges. I don’t think that will affect anything, but I doubt you intended it, so you may want to fix that for the sake of tidiness. It’s in the Ctrl-E menu in edit mode.

Well, I’ve been playing around all eve, and have yet to get satisfactory results, even after fixing the problem with the fluid not being contained inside the domain. But I’ll keep experimenting…

PS the freeestyle edges were on as I was going to see if I could make some nice wireframe liquid as a bit of an experiment…

Oh, and as a quick test, I just did a quick sim using a regular icosphere:

and you can see a horrible sharp shape on the right. This is only with a res of 50, but surely low res sims should lack detail rather than trying to convey the fine detail in a small amount of polys?

This test render ends up with a horrible plane being separated from the rest of the fluid:


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Low res sims lack both detail and accuracy. It’s probably trying to make a splash, but due to the low resolution does not have enough geometry to work with, hence the weird edges. You might also try adjusting the time settings. You have a start time of 0 and an end time of 1, which means your simulation is only one second long, even though the animation is 200 frames long at 24 fps. Those letters also might have details that are too fine and thin for anything less than a ridiculously high fluid resolution. You might consider making simplified letter proxies to use as the collision objects.

Yeah, I’m finding I have the same problems when I run the sim at 200+ resolution too… As for the time, I’m trying to get super slo-mo type results, so that’s intentional.

I’ll start afresh, with a simple cube, and see if I can pinpoint where it goes wrong.