Sharp edges??

Ok, how do i get sharp edges if I still have subsurf on, only I know is subdivide around the thing I want to be sharp, but that really gets it lagging, I know there is easier way but dont know any, please help me!

There is an alternate meathod.
Go to Edit Mode and add a subsurf modifier to object. Activate Edge Select Mode. Select an edge and click Shift + E key. Then move the cursor outward to pull the subsurface tward that edge.


Here are some documents for your reference.

Weighted creases for subdivision surfaces

Original release notes.

Select the edge you want to be sharp and press shift+e to add a crease

Or better:
Ctrl-R and add an edge loop.
Move the loop closely to the edge.

BTW, you speak of lag.
But keep your subsurf modifier really low, like 2 or 3.
Press the set smooth btn, should be smooth enough.
And best of all, not at all laggy.

oh tanks a lot :)… yeah I meant that if I subdivide it, it gets laggy