sharp specular and reflection in cycles??


I don’t understand specular or reflection much, I don’t even know if zero roughness can pull specular light, but I’ve searched some info here and there, now I know specular light is just bogus trick.

But major 3d apps seem to use that bogus trick a lot, and they seem to be more sharp for some reason.
When I browse images made by 3ds max, most of them show off how unrealistically shiny, sharply twinkle they are. They nearly look like someone adjusted tons of coating on it.
Cycles images I’ve found are all…a bit darker? or more matt? yes they are pretty and gorgeous, I mean, I’m not saying cycles are not pretty or something.

I searched about cycles nodes, it looks a bit headache to make specular light.

What I’m curious about is…can cycles make things like…um…blender internal?

Not really.

Specular highlights in BI are a cheat. Cycles handles light much more realistically.

That said - I did manage to create a node group a while back that kinda simulated BI type specular reflections in Cycles. It uses a cheat (essentially it subtracts one glossy shader from another). By making the negative glossy more diffuse than the positive one - you suppress reflections from the wider environment and therefore emphasise only those from brighter light sources. I haven’t really done much with it - but you can give it a whirl if you like:


well for one thing all lamps in BL are fakes and real in cycles
so not easy to get same fake effect in cycles !

but also the shaders are not the same
so not easy to get same equivalent render in cycles !

in any case why bother you get much better results in cycles

happy cl

Thx for the nodes, moony
Ive tried adding several glossy and glass then failed.

What I’m looking for is very sharp(cartoon-like) ones,
Some people say I need to use image maps for specularity, some recommend other complicated nodes,
I’m kinda frustrated now.

But I appreciate for the explanations and pictures.

You could use the toon shader. Note, to get it to look like this I had to turn all of the bounces in the light paths section of the render panel to zero. Also ignore the fresnel node - I left that there by mistake.