Sharp subsurf

I wanna use subsurf but still have sharp edges. Is that possible? If it is possible how do you do that?

Hi Robin,

i guess you have a lot of geometry at the sharp edges or you
did not set smooth, i.e. select all vertices in edit mode and
then you hit SetSmooth in the F9 menu.

maybe a screen shot of the area in question would help.

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You can either add geometry, (i.e. with loop kuts or knife cuts), or, seelct the loop you want to be sharper and use SHIFT+E to sharpen up the edge.


Or you could subdivide :stuck_out_tongue: but not recommended ^.^!


Use the edge crease tool. press N and adjust the Crease slider to control its sharpness.

When I try to use the shift+E nothing really happens, or at least I can’t see any difference between before and after shift+E. And how do you select loops, I have heard that you could just select the edge.

Alt+RMB on an edge will select an edge loop

Use edge or face select mode (toolbar buttons are to the right and look like “/” and “/”. “:.” returns to vertex selection. There was a keyboard shortcut too but I can’t remember it…)


What is edge crease tool?

That Shift-E-and-move-a-mouse thing we were talking about all the time :slight_smile: Also, about select modes - sorry for misinformation, as long as you select vertices correctly, it works in verts selection too. :slight_smile:

I’ve thought that, but I weren’t really sure.