Sharp turns in "Follow Path" animations?

Hello folks!

After making some stupois mistakes, I finally managed to set up a path and an object to follow it.

Only one more thing I need to be happy … The object’s animation is interpolated in a way where the object doesn’t really follow sharp turns (like in right angles) completely. It does a curve turn which is not what I want because I want to have something bounce off a hard surface without deformation or anything.

Is there a way to manipulate the follow path behaviour that way?



What are you using for a path?

With the regular path, you can set the weights of the individual control points (up to a maximum of 100) for a sharper turn,

or if you use a bezier curve, you can set the handles to sharp by pressing [V] (Still interpolates a little in the corner, but still much sharper than the results obtained using a regular path)

I was using a bezier curve and turned the control points into real corners (VKEY) already.

So are really sharp turn is only possible with paths?

Did you try increasing the resolution of the bezier curve?

I found the object followed the path quite precisely when I maxed the curve path out to a setting of 128.

Hm… didn’t try that yet. Thanks for the idea… will try.