SharpConstruct .05

This news is a little old but I haven’t seen any mention of it around here so I thought I’d give a heads up to everyone. SharpConstruct, a Zbrush like application, has just hit version .05!

Here’s a quote from the site:

SharpConstruct is a 3D modeling program designed to let scupt models in real-time. Using SharpConstruct, it’s easy to quickly model organic shapes. In addition to sculpting, SharpConstruct can also paint models. SharpConstruct is designed to be easy to learn, and is very intuitive to use.

At its early state SharpConstruct looks very promising as a Zbrush type program. The author, Nicholas Bishop, is improving the software at a quick pace. He is offering the source for download but as of the moment there are unfortunatly no binaries available. Nic is a Blender user and seems to be a very nice guy. I invite everyone to send him an email with some words of encouragement. And maybe a polite request for binaries. :slight_smile:

As an aside, if anyone has the time to do a windows build of this application I’d be happy to host it!! :slight_smile:



that looks incredible!

i have been looking for a program like this for a while.

do you know what kind of exports it does?

i would love a binary if someone could make it…

Hmm, very interesting. It would make a great counterpart to Blender if its developed a bit further.

I wish there was a binary.

Couldn’t compile it. :frowning:

Zbrush makes a great counterpart to Blender, btw :slight_smile:

Have you seen this?

Nice little app!
No problems compiling it. The generated obj-files are imported well into Blender.
Someone should invite this guy to put his work into Blender…


EDIT: And it imports obj from Blender as well…

DanielP, what system do you have? I got a bunch of errors with Debian (unstable).

F*cked up Suse System here, with loads of self-compiled stuff…
Did you download the needed stuff mentioned?


I had to compile gts because Debian’s version was too old, but ./configure does not complain about anything else.

I downloaded and installed these:

What errors you get? (Not that I could help you, everything that is more complicated than configure-make-make install and changing some paths is beyond my skills… :wink: )


It turns out I didn’t had GLEW installed. :expressionless: Mutters about stupid ./configure files.

…But I can’t use it. When I try to create a new object it fails with this message:

Xlib: extension “XFree86-DRI” missing on display “:0.0”.
Vertex Buffer Object support not found.

BTW, you might be interesed in checkinstall. It helps to keep hand-compiled stuff somewhat managable.