sharpen edges without changing geometry elsewhere in the model?

sometimes, there are edges i would like to sharpen but am prevented from doing so because the loop cut would affect geometry elsewhere in the model, sharpening edges that i would like to stay rounded.

is there a way to isolate the edges I want to sharpen without the work of terminating loops (if that would even work)?

humble newbie :slight_smile:

edge crease is available in the edge menu i think.

shift and E from what i remember then its on a scale of 0 to 1 with 1 being a sharp edge :slight_smile:
to remove the sharpness you need to reselect the edges, shift e again but use -1 instead to completely remove :slight_smile:

I find the edge crease to be a poor substitute for sub-surf and loop cuts. If you can separate the part that needs sharpening into another object(probably not an option in most cases) or change the flow of the topology so the loop cut won’t be as destructive to the rest of the object. I don’t know what you are making but on my last model I used edge creases to see how they worked and got some sloppy results. I strongly suggest trying to fix your topo before using the edge crease tool.

Edge crease can produce very sloppy results, you can either do what Shane Plew suggests or if the crease needs to be completly sharp then using edge crease along with an edge split modifier can help produce some nice results.

thanks for suggestions! :yes:

and a bonus … I now know what destructive means, haha

BTW, edge creases can’t be exported.