Sharpening a tiled texure

I created a seamless tileable texture of grass (1800x1800) and I am attempting to tile it over a large landscape. While my goal is not to achieve realism, I’m trying to find the right setting so the image stays somewhat crisp without creating the blurriness that I’m getting from the examples in the provided link To better illustrate, here is a link showing some samples (with the settings I used):

Notice how the far left tends to start blurring/look stretch while the very middle in the distance tends to get a bit muddier than it seems it should really be. The foreground towards the right however looks crisp though. When tiling textures over a large area, what is the best approach?


turn off mipmap in the texture buttons

and see what happens, see how it flickers there on the ground when you are looking at such an angle and the camera moves??

yeah, mipmap reduces the resolution of the texture there so it doesn’t shimmer, but it also makes it somewhat less sharp

well, I’m assuming you’re using an image texture…

Thanks for the tip, I just tried it like you suggested, but it still looks blurry (almost as if there is motion blur perhaps?). It might have made it slightly sharpen though in the areas that were already sharp. Hummmm…

When I am making image textures, I usually try to do it without aliasing. The reason being, blender does all that, and it is counterproductive to do it twice.