Sharpening textures in Cycles

Hello, i need help to sharpen up some textures in cycles, I’m pretty new to the cycles scene so i don’t know too much, the texture i am using is a minecraft texture, so i want to know how to clear it up.

Thanks, I’ll try this out and get back to you!

the blue channel has no effect because the UV coordinates are 2d, and you have to set the Size to the image size, if your image is not square, the red and green channels may need different scaling values.

Thanks, I think im very close to finishing this now.

With the help of a friend i found out that the R and the G needed to be separate in their scales, X and Y.

But now, the texture is still a tad bit off and i can’t seem to figure out exactly why.

Material view:

check your unwrapping, you can use “shift+s:selected to pixels” to precisely snap all vertices.

Yes, I know this and that was how the texturing was created for this in the first place, I used this model in BI for a few animations so i know all the UV’s have unwrapped correctly.