Sharper rendering with blender ?


It’s two things that annoys me about rendering with the internal renderer of blender. Is there any way of improving the following:

  1. The image produces is always somewhat blurred. I actually find the preview window doing a slighly better job here. With yafray I usually get much sharper and crisper images. Can this be improved?

  2. The image is also somewhat pale (again compared with yafray). I guess it blend in some of it’s ambient colors here. Okay, I know how to use nodes to remedy this, but is there other ways of fixing this? (I might be using wrong types of lights perhaps?)

I might be doing something wrong here, and thats why I turn to you folks. I want to start using the blender renderer with all it’s new functions. Any suggestions?

  1. turn down OSA to 5, or off

  2. ambient makes stuff look “flatter” by increasing light in shadows. By default, a material is .5 affected by ambient light, but world ambient light color/intensity is 0. It does not make images look blurry.

2a) if the colors are not Vivid, the diffuse shader should be turned up. By default it is 80% saturation, meaning that only 80% of the material’s color is reflected back. Different shaders have a dramatic effect on how the color is computed.

2c) lighting is the most important aspect, as it controls what is actually shone.

  1. There was a thread here awhile back regarding different renderers from the same white sofa hardwood floor scene, and careful placement of ambient lights made it look the same/better as Yafray, and photo-realistic.

My suggestion is to spend a LOT of time reading what I’ve given here, and playing cause and effect for a day or two to understand what is going on.

In the Render panel there is a Filter slider. You can select the filtering method and adjust the value from 0 to 1.5.
As the default value is 1.0, you can decrease the value and get more crispy renderings.

Use a different reconstruction filter thn Gaussian. For some bizarre reason it’s on by default, and tends to make everything look softened. Mitch is a lot better, give it a try.

Thanks for the advices. The antialising is the reason for blurry images. I will experiment a bit here.

yes definitly chose a different AA mode as well as decrease the kernel size to 0.5 (the sharpest possible)

Actually the catmull-rom and mitchell-netravali filters have built-in sharpening effects, which get stronger as you raise the filter size. So you can try that as well.

Take a look at the release log:
Any filter with an indentation that goes below the x-axis has a sharpen effect (it negates the color of the neighbouring pixels)