Shattered Glass

The simulation engine is a very powerful tool, but a very challenging task I have encountered is to make an object appear to shatter with an impact. The most challenging part of this task is to keep the object from looking fractured before the impact. I’d love any tips about how anyone has gotten around this.

Samples: (Branched Path Tracing) 50

Resolution: 1920x1080

Software: Blender 2.79

Resources and References used

Andrew Price’s Glass Shatter tutorial


The trick which I think most people use is to have the original unshattered mesh visible until the fracture happens. You can swap them out the frame the shatter happens and hide the original mesh and show all the shattered parts in the same place.

yes, that’s the only way I’ve seen to manage it. I was thinking that maybe I could use like a mask with a gradient to have it radiate from the point of impact, but it ended up not looking quite right. :laughing:

You have an awesome logo by the way.

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