Shatters seem to have an initial energy when press P

Hi,Approximately one month ago, I posted the text below in the “particles and simulations” part of the forum. It is viewed 127 times, and unfortunately no one replied. I’m still dealing with the same problem. Does anyone have the same problem?? Or does anybody know how to solve it… I realy want to know how…

I’m using Blender 2.68a
Intel core i7 3930k
ASUS NVidia Gforce GTX680 DC2T 2GD5
16GB ddr3

I have shattered an object with the cell fracture add on. When I press P in the Blender Game-mode, the individual shards seem to have an outward pointed energy/velocity. This increases when I raise the substeps in de “world” tab. Even when the amound of substeps is ajusted to a value of one, the shards still have an (less) energy/velocity.
According to the law of physics, this is not a natural phemomenon.
All the other settings which may influence the fysics of the shards aren’t manually ajusted, so I expect the shards to fall straight downwards.

Anybody an idea?

Please don’t just start a new thread with the same question.

If you don’t get a response, it’s up to YOU to make it easier for people to help you by supplying more info. What you didn’t do with your original thread or even this one was to supply an example blend file for people to test out any potential solutions.
Why should anyone have to take the time and effort to do so themselves

Increase the gap between the shards

Thank you for your answer!! I changed the value of “margin” from the default 0.001 in a few steps to a non usable value of 0.1 and is doesn’t work. When I install Blender 2.66a this problem doesn’t occur when I do exactly the same:

I fracture the default startup-cube with the cell fracture tool. (I choose for fracturing with the grease pencil). Then I add a plane for the fractures to fall on. Then I press p.

I just installed Blender 2.69 and in this version the same problem appears. Can this be a bug?? I can’t imagine no one else noticed this problem.