Shaun The Sheep

I completed a Low-Poly model of Shaun the Sheep.

Here are some pics:

Modelling Stuff

I modelled the body from subdivided cubes to retain the shape but have gentler corners for the face.
The wool parts [ head and the body ] were cubes too, but just with a different shape, and I sculpted them randomly, giving highs and lows to resemble wool, like in the cartoons.
Reply if you have any questions

Rigging stuff

I have rigged it now, with rigs for Eyes, ears and the whole body. The body rig is quite simple, with a bone for a object rigging [ Like 1 bone for the whole head ] except for the arms, legs and the body, which have 2 bones for them each. The rig for the eye is as follows:
There is a bone for each eye with a bone-constraint to follow another 2 bones [ lets call them L and R ] and L and R are parented to a bigger bone [ call it ‘eyes’ ] and then ‘eyes’ is parented to the Head/face bone. I have a few pics to help you understand

The eyes rig [ the face bone is hidden for better view ]

As usual, reply if you have any questions, reviews and improvements.

PS : I wasn’t able to upload the file as it is too large, will try on a cloud platform, and yes, there are some differences from the real Shaun, but this one was better ( read: easier) for me to make, so excuse me

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