Shear on Y axis

Does anyone know a way to shear vertically without rotating the object first? It would be really nice to be able to change the axis of the shear just like you can change the axis of any other transform (x,y,z keys). Maybe even have it be aligned to the current transform orientation? I’m just wish listing now, but if anyone has any advice, it’d be appreciated.

The “shear” command shears along the Viewport’s Y-axis. You select which direction to shear your object by getting your viewport positioned so that your desired shear axis is aligned with the Viewport Y-axis.

Yeah, I figured. It’s fine for most situations, but it is a little cumbersome sometimes to have to rotate the object to get it aligned with the axis.

you don’t have to rotate the object just the viewport. make sure your orbit style in user prefrences is set to trackball though, this makes it easier to get good angles on the object.

I need more precision than just eyeballing the viewport rotation though, so I rotate the object by 90 so that everything remains in line.I can rotate the viewport with the numpad and keep things in line, but I can’t rotate a front or side viewport, only a top or bottom one. I can work with it as is, I was just wondering if there was a better way.

Yeah. Fortunately for me I have not needed to shear much. But I can see how it would get painful very quickly.

By default, shear works left to right orientation along your view. If you press middle mouse button, it switches to up-down direction.
If the edge is in bad orientation, orientate your view to connected face with shift+np_7 first.

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JA12, you are my hero, that is exactly what I needed to know. That is going to save me a lot of time. Thanks again!

MIDDLE MOUSE - THX a million my buddy!