Shed in the forest

A little shed in the forest. I was mainly focused on creating some nice tree, but the scene wasn’t very interesting, so I decided to add the shed for contrast. I was pretty impressed, how blender managed such huge amount of partices without crashing.
The light beams I added in photoshop, volumetrics on this scene would be too much to ask from my graphics card.

Constructive criticism is welcomed :slight_smile:



nice work, Great trees.

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Very well done. And without reading your coment at first, I thought:“well invested much work into trees and then hushed in a shelf”. :slight_smile:

Then I red your comment and had a big smile on my face with “Bingo!” in my mind.

So for critics: Well on a very first look, the scene seems to be cartoonish. On the seccond (as mentioned above) one notices the really realistic forest. Well, in total the shelf gives it another touch, but the overall expression is: There are mixed up two different art-styles -as said - realism & cartoon.

BUT, that does NOT mean, that this isn’t valuable. Just a new style. :slight_smile: LoL Take care, that you didn’t create a new art-style, which would be possibly named as “JohanApesism”

Thanks a lot!

Mike, very good point, you hit a nail on the head with that mix of styles. I was really going for realism but got sidetracked by that shed :slight_smile:

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Love the forest.
The quality of the trees is impressive.
Lose the shed and let the trees stand by themselves.

Ohhhh! Its so original. Nice work mate. Im wondering if you do some animation with some story on this project :slight_smile:
5stars* from me.

Thanks, I will try to do render of just the forest to compare :slight_smile: And I would like to do some animation, but I do mostly still images, I’m not great in animation, maybe someday

Here it is, feels so empty now :smiley:


Quanto tempo estudo o Blender?? E quanto tempo demorou o render?

Great work.

Great work on the trees. I think the shed is a little unnecessary, and the scale doesn’t match the rest of the scene - I think it needs to be a little smaller if it is included.

Your scene could be improved by changing the composition a little, just by cropping off a bit of the right, as shown below (hope you don’t mind my editing it).

This creates what’s called a circle composition theme, and could also be a steelyard theme with the bush on the right. Wider formats are not always best, especially for nature scenes.


You’re #featured! :+1:

Just saw your work here. Very nice, and the plain forest render isn’t that “empty”. Of course the eye seeks a focus object on the lower right section of the render (where the hut originally was) because of the light contrast coming from the upper left part. Overall, very nice work especially with the forest.

While totally valid, Crazy Christina’s suggestion results in a rather classic composition. Nothing wrong about classicism, but by nature, it is less dynamic then a composition slightly off kilter. The original composition with its panoramic format creates an interesting contrast between the massive tree on the left, and the long horizontal line of thin trees running through the lanscape from left to right. What I find less effective in the original composition is the dead(ish) tree on the right. I understand that you may want to close your composition. But it may not be necessary to maintain this contrast between the well anchored tree at left, and the flowing continuity of the trees in the distance. Just MHO.

As someone who is just starting out on my journey of learning how to make scenes with trees and foliage, this is awe inspiring work!

I like both images, and the hero tree is just awesome!



This image has a delightful “fairy tale look” about it,and I see the existing composition as being more-or-less “rule of thirds.” The tree trunk, beam of sunlight, and cottage are all sitting on “thirds lines.” I particularly like the contrast with the slightly bluish cottage and the greens of the forest itself, with touches of yellow placed here-and-there for spice.

wow amazing work

It looks much better without that wooden privy.

Great work! can you tell us a bit about your workflow on the trees?