shed paint over-C+C please

hey all

just a paint over of a simple of 3D shed.

the orignal is 2000 by 1500 pixels…but i will just post 8x6 for now. its not finished, but i need C+C before i move any further.

here is the basic model, wireframe and shade and finally just shade:

C+C welcome

I think its pretty good. What do you need C+C on?

hey :slight_smile:

thanks man. about the crits, i dunno really just anything that looks odd or out of place here is an updated version.

Only thing I can think of that jumps out at me is the lack of knots in the planks making the siding, knots in the woodgrain would break up the emptiness of the planks.

Otherwise I really like it!

p.s. I am not an artist and lack the language, hopefully you understand what I mean by ‘emptiness’.

cheers for the crits, ya right it does look empty (not many features/ details) on the wood, i think ill download some textures of wood and overlay them to give it a little bit more detail :slight_smile:

Go to exchange, then textures.

I think it is turning out really nice so far. However, the spider webs look like they are sticking out a tad to much.

On the spider webs I too was thinking they could be a little less opaque but for some reason I like their exaggerated state.