Sheen makes the object bright ( Bug or? ) with blendfile

Is that a bug or am i using sheen incorectly? Using it the first time but from the wiki demo i think its a bug.

The problem is that when you turn on sheen in the materials ( principle bsdf) the whole object get brighter and not only the edges for cloth. This is only in cycles and eevee seems to handle it find.

Can anyone confirm that or is it a problem on my side? ( Dont directly want to bother the developer with a bug report)

EDIT: Or does someone know an alternative to sheen for cloth?
EDIT: Blendfile in in one of the answers.

Hi :slight_smile:

Maybe attaching some .blends or renders to your question would be usefull, because it’s hard to evaluate how “buggy” is a shader issue, with only text :slight_smile:

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Yes of cause.
Picture one is without sheen and the second is with. But thats not how sheen should work.

I notice psd file used as bump. What happens if you unplug it? If still buggy, reduce to just a patch of the object still showing the error, delete everything else except light and camera and share the file.

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Its still there so here is the blendfile with the cloth and the material. Its 2.8 of cause.
ProblemBlend.blend (3.9 MB)

Try using sheen without ambient occlusion. Appears that sheen reacts weirdly to it.

Or rather, your AO factor is waaaay too high for being useful for anything.
Still, replacing AO for a white furnace test, sheen reacts much better to that.
Yeah, AO is way off, but I think I’d report that as a possible bug.

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I did some tests on your .blend and it appears to be because of the ambient occlusion which is set to 1.
But indeed, for me it shouldn’t depend that much on AO… So, it might be a bug.

[EDIT] ++ @CarlG :slight_smile:

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PS : I noticed that you are using a .psd file as a image. You should use only an “exported” image, like a .jpg, .png, .exr, etc… In fact .psd is just a binary file which save all the data Photoshop needs to open the whole project.

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Thanks guy thats the reason. AO is the default value and like the other stuff (denoiser) it should be set with reasonable numbers to use it. Should have looked into it before turning it on but the weird thing was that it affected only the shirt so much.