Sheep Balls

Hello Blender community. This is my first post here.

I am making a short movie, and these are my first concept pictures.
The idea is that some sheep jumps around on small planet-like balls, and that a huge vacuum-spaceship-thingy come and suck upp all the sheep and planets and spit them out again with the fur, grass etc removed.

Any suggestions of how to make the wool material would be greatly appreciated, as I am pretty new to blender.

nice concept and idea, I really like it :slight_smile:

What if you make the wool with particle-hair? That way, you could remove it when the spaceship comes with one simple ipo.

You could also sculpt the wool and then create a procedural material for it.Removing the wool would be tougher,but I think that with sculpting you save a lot of rendering time.

with the idea of clewer it might actually be quite easy, too, to remove the wool.

Just make the sheeps body and the wool to different objects and make the wool go to another “plane of existence” that the camera does not see, voilà

Depends on the look you want to achive, though! (i.e. “solid” wool, or “hairy” wool)

If you are going for a cartoony effect,you dont have to be very detailed.Just a few large bumps and thats it.
maybeapreacher’s idea is pretty good and yet simple solution to the problem of disappearing wool,I suggest that you should work like that.

I think for wool you should use fog or something to that effect. The human mind would no doubt interprete this as wool, and the 3d movements would lend it that much more effect!

Thanks for the suggestions guys. I will experiment.

I strayed from the original concepts of the sheep, as it proved rather difficult to create.
Progress so far:

Haha, the idea is really awesome. Im not too sure how to go about the wool, but the sheep so far is looking really great. It’s a nice cartoony style. Good luck!



The wool could be a little tricky though… :wink:

UV and Texture finished.

Question: The iris and pupil is a ramp, but I cant get it to point to where the eye points. The eyes follow only a lamp or the camera for some reason. Help!

Have you tried using a lattice on the eyes and parenting the eyes to an empty? That way the eyes point to the empty and does not deform out of their sockets.

If you want to go a bit further into the wool I could suggest using a wool texture


and uv mapping it to the body of the sheep, and to give it some realism turn the Normal’s up on it

(textures : Map To tab > click “Nor” then move the slider down below to the right that says “Nor” move it over and test it out till it fits your liking)

Hope this helps! You can also google for other textures if need be :wink:

The problem with the eyes is not that they go out of their sockets, its that the material, the way they appear to be looking, is unaffected when I rotate them. I can only make them point to the light or camera.

I got some nice wool, but it takes the color from the skin, making it pink. I need a way of separating the wool materials from the main body mat.

You should make vertex groups for the different mats.Select the body part of the mesh,then under the editing tab,at Lins and Materials,create a new vertex group,name it and then click on assign(be sure that the body part of the mesh is still selected).Now select the material for the body under Links and Mats(check under materials tab if the material is 1 Mat 1 or 1 Mat 2 etc.),and click on assign.If you done everything correctly,then the body should have the mat,but the rest don’t.Do the rest of the vertex groups(wool,etc.)and assign materials to them like this.
Hope that helps!(and hope that it can be understood)

Ok figured out the fur materials etc. I’d love some feedback or suggesions on the believability. Now I only have the eye problem.


oh hey look, u used particles like I said earlier :slight_smile:

I personally like the style! Now you just have to shorten the white fur when the sheep come out of the spaceship again :slight_smile:

Update. Optimised the fur. 38 seconds for rendering this image:

I personally liked the fur on the upper sheep better! It was not so plain white, well, maybe that’s a lighting-Issue.

Good that the face and the feet don’t have fur anymore but I would recommend keeping them as black/dark as possible or at least darker than they are now! :slight_smile: (but that might be a lighting-issue as well…)

Other than that: Good progress! congrats! on texture menu is some texture … is 3 texture if you like it.