Sheep-it renderfarm

Anyone know if they support volumetrics?

My biggest concern is a seemingly complete lack of security. Your scene is now on tons of people’s computers all over the world in a completely insecure manner. You can simply copy the zip over to another place on your hard drive and now all of your work is being shared with everyone, whether you want it to be or not.

Is there any way to encrypt the data somehow?

Otherwise, I think it’s an awesome service and I intend to contribute.

I personally contribute since a Year a couple machines almost 24/7. I think its a fantastic service for a opensource rendering platform. Very good for learning ( … and having fun at it even from a small computer ) ^^

You can make it harder to decrypt yeah, that will keep most people away, but at some point blender needs to be able to read it unencrypted. That beeing said, i give a heck on it. Shall people learn from the scenes. Render layers if its copyrighted and add it from the own farm. Plus you have teh option to render only on your machines. That way your copyrighted scene is only on your hardware + the sheepit webserver.

So far i managed. And if the Job really pays good then you can afford some time on renderstreet too. So theres my 5cp :slight_smile: