Just want to say, I’m suddenly loving this. I registered on 31 December, and had some real problems with the client getting jobs, but it seems that they had a very quiet period.

After building up some points, I decided on a test of my own project. A simple 250 frame pan, though the scene is render heavy, and I calculate that it would have taken around a week of 24/7 rendering on my machine to complete. Since my own PC is also my entertainment centre (no TV or Hi-fi here), tying it up for that long is simply not an option.

I uploaded last night, and 240 of the 250 frames are already complete.

What a wonderful service. Though I’m going to have to let my own machine do some heavy overnights to recover my points, which are now 30k negative. C’est la vie. Got my poor laptop on sheep-it duties for now. Not quick, but should help a bit.