A week of wonderful and funny work is finished, and sheep happens is the product.

Have fun playing and watch other´s crush the keyboard while collecting more points than all your friends.

Sheep happens 1.0 GLSL

How did it work, we would be more than pleased to hear from you about how you experienced the game.

Group7, Sheep Happens


Certainly a unique game. I applaud your creativity and originality of ideas! :yes:

This is why I love this forum. Creativty at its best

Very fun, unique game! Will add to BlenderGames!

Thanks for all the nice comments, and link/place on blendergames.

wow very large file size of blend:no::eek:

It looks awesome!. Downloading it right now.

Cool music and graphics… But I couldn’t read the instructions LOL the are too small in the window, you should make it full screen.

Pretty cool stuff.

haha, great :slight_smile:

Nice game indeed!
I just could not destroy any house as holy sheep! In any case, I love it! The music, the graphics are great and funny! Great work!

just downloading now but the screens look simply awesome :smiley: