Sheet Metal Bending Problem (Bevel + Solidify)

In this image I’m using planes extruded in various directions to form the basis of the sheet metal and then I have a bevel modifier set to add a 0.02 width (Offset) 4 segment bevel set to appear on angles at or above 30 degrees, and then a solidify modifier at 0.1 thickness offset to 1 so it expands outward with even thickness and high quality normals.

For the most part this works fine, it automatically makes a bend using a bevel where I make a corner and solidify handles it cleanly… until I bend the other direction.

Around the center of the image where it bends down the solidify modifier is doing what it’s supposed to, extending outward, but the bevel I have is too small for it to extend in this direction.

The manual solution I have is set the bevel to have a width of 0.1, set the limit to weight, and manually change the corner weights from 1 to 0.2 depending on which direction it bends.

Is there an automatic solution that will either control the bevel size depending on the bend direction or something else entirely that will still get me the desired result of automatically smoothly bent sheet metal originating from flat planes?

In the sort of situation, there’s not a lot you can do due to the varying angles of the planes, you inevitably end up with some “inside” bevels. You need to do a bit of manual work on it as I don’t think there is any way to stop the sort of cross-over you are seeing.