Sheet wont cover the pillow with collision physcis set

hi, I set pillows, pillow case and mattress as collision for the sheet to cover it. I tested with sheet animation. I noticed sheet goes through pillows and pillow case but not mattress. Help me to make sheet goes not goes through pillows and pillow case even collisons were set.

Thanks :slight_smile:

hello Blender artists,
My guess that nobody were able to come up and help me to solve my problems. Today,I went through read and watch tutorial videos of cloth sim. I had been struggled to make sheet not go through pillows and pillow cases for 6 hours. Finally I make it… I decided to remove pillow cases. I make sheet stay cover the pillows and mattress by using solidify modifier. Under Solidify Modifier, adjust parament of Thickness and Offset. Also cloth collision: check self collision, increase little distance. It went very well… :slight_smile:


My guess, cat, is that the folks who might have been able to help are tired of asking people to show wire frames and relevant panels in their screenshots, or to post a .blend file, or both. Glad you solved it on your own. :smiley:

OMG I have the same issue at my house. I finally realized I was trying to make my bed with a twin bed sheet. Hope that helps. lol =)

@Orinoco- u r right,maybe they are tired of …who know… At least i glad that I made it .:slight_smile:
@BrentNewton- huh… OMG! U should go to camp booth and they can teach u how to make ur bed very neatly. hope my sense of humor helps u. :slight_smile:

I find people here are generally helpful, but you have to “advertise” your problem. That includes the thread title (yours is pretty good, but you see a lot that just say “Help” or “Please look at my model!”) but also includes informative images in the first post.

I know you tried, but you image is, first, cluttered up with the manipulator widgit and the grid. You could have turned those off and gotten a clearer screenshot. Second, there isn’t any mesh information. You mentioned matress, pillow case, pillow and sheet in the text, but showing the meshes in wire frame view might have suggested some fixes to people who looked at it. There is a real possibility that a simple change in topology of one of those elements might have solved your problem the way you intended it to work.

Anyway, don’t give up.

@ Orinoco- thank you for the advices on how to advertise my problems better that I did not realized. Next i would do better. :slight_smile: