Shelby Cobra 427 S/C rendering project

This is a Shelby Cobra 427 S/C personal rendering project. Car is a free 3d model from SMCARS forum. Rendered in
Blender/Cycles. Post in photoshop.

Thanks for watching!


And one more:


It’s beautiful and really detailled. The car and the terrain are really realistic. I like the skid prints on the floor :D. This scene is great nothing bad to say about it ^^.

Love your outdoor scene lighting. Just curious in your reference images, did the tires have that large of lettering?

Thanks. The letters on tyres are also that big in real world too.

Beautiful composition!!! The tires are fantastic

Great realistic work you got there.
I’m working a car too but can’t get the car material right.
Can you Show us the node setup??

Yes, sure:

this is the paint with color and coat:

and this is a material with bump and stripes nodes:

thanks, this realy helps me out :))

He sorry to bump into this, but do you have a link to this model?

I want to check the comparison to my model. They look almost 1/1 though this one is more finished. My model was added to a online 3dviewer. I see most of the mistakes i made in the model also on this model, they are really almost the same.

Its weird but i got a feeling they used my base.


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WOW! this is stunning, I love the lighting and the imperfections on the tires.

Love the colors! Almost BW, but with a nice, blue/yellow sky/overlay. Where did you find the HDRI - It looks sooo good!

And you used a musgrave texture for the bump - Never even thought of that, but I have always wanted to implement the bump-thing in my car paints as well.

Looks stunning! It just delivers pure emotion.
I’d love to have those background images and the HDRI of those shots! Well done!

so… a blast from the past…

Cobra 427 @ SMCars

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Ahh, i did found that one. To bad there system isnt working properly. I dont receive the email for finishing the account.
Checking the date of that post, this looks just to be almost exact the same as mine. Still need to finish her and give a engine and such
Has nice tutorials.

To bad #6 HDR links is dead

Thanks for the link!