Shelby Cobra 427

Hi guys,
this is my first post in Finished Projects and I wanna open it with my last car: a Shelby Cobra 427
There’s no composition and sorry if the interiors’ geometry isn’t super clear and so accurate.Here there’s the link if you want to download it
Critiques are totally open (I’m quite new in Blender and CG)



Looks great, other than the shader not looking quite right unless that is the look you are going for.

I would mention two things to improve. The car paint and the background.
In my opinion the car paint does not look right. And the grey background is a little bit boring. And not from every perspective it looks that smooth.
Other than that, the modelling looks great.

Thanks, I’m learning rendering and I know the car paint isn’t so realistic, lines on the body miss and the overall painting reflects a little bit more than real, but I’m glad for your modelling opinion.

I have to agree with FredvomJupiter, the paint looks like it’s a metallic paint or something similar… which does not wuite fit the car. But except for that it is awesome! Really good work!

well im gonna put it out there, i like the car paint but its not photorealistic.
to be honest, thats what car paint SHOULD look like lol

Your model is awesome blend2cap! Here’s my critique:

Your headlights and taillights looks awesome, great work on that.
I agree with the other posters here that your car paint needs some work. There are a few threads on the forum that contain excellent car paint shaders you could try. Some things I noticed are that the sidewall texture on your tires aren’t perfectly circular, making the Goodyear logo closer to the rim in some places than others. Your model is also missing any sort of brakes. I noticed on the last render that your windshield glass is distorting everything behind it quite a lot, which would obviously making driving very hard :wink:
I can’t really tell from the renders, but it looks like the side vents have no material applied to them (apologies if they do)
And It’d be nice to see some details of the engine through the grille

Otherwise excellent modelling :smiley:

like the model :slight_smile: but the scene is too dark to me :slight_smile: