shelby cobra wip

Not overly original. It defiantly needs more detail on the interior. The front grill isn’t finished/ doesn’t exist. The wheels could use some more detail as well. I probably won’t take this much further than it is, don’t have much time/ attention. This is mostly just a modeling and materials exercise to see how close I could get it. I spent 3 days off and on working on this. Any suggestions/ comments?


to pay so much attention on modeling and materials and then 5 seconds on lighting is a waste of time

theres lots of confusing shadows and the back needs lighting up

nice model though :slight_smile:

haha, yeah you’re right. I didn’t spend any time on the lighting. That will most likely be in the future though. Thanks.

no worries :slight_smile: i would work on that first… otherwise people cant see the detail very well

Here’s where it is now. I did the glows and such in After Effects. I think that I am finished, though there are defiantly some things that I could fix. Any comments on the lighting? Lighting has always been something of an enigma to me…


great model but i think the tires is to meaty but thats me tho other then that lighting is alot more better and wish i can figure out how to do taillights and headlights glow effect

Thanks, I did the glows in after effects but I think that a similar effect could be achieved using blender’s compositing nodes. I would start by seperating light models to a seperate layer and using the glint node, curves, and the mix node with probably the screen transfer mode, maybe some blurs with that same transfer mode as well. Sorry if I got any of that wrong I’m not at my computer.

The lighting looks much better now!

Here are a few things I see:
-Do you have AO on? Under the car looks a bit dark.
-The edges could be sharper.
-The paint might be too reflective.
-The last pic with the hdri looks out of place. Other than that, it is a very nice car!

@ Shaggy26: You can also seperate the lights with the id mask node(enable it in render layers and the object panel); then use the blur and add node to create a glow. You can improve it with the glare node set to streak.
This is what I mean: >>Link<<