Shelby Cobra

I had this in the WIP section but it was suggested that I move it here. I don’t feel that it’s completely finished but it’s close. Still lot’s of little details to take care of so it may change from time to time.

it looks very good I just wish the back plates were a little more high res because now you have a very detailed car but the background looks low-res

yeah, I should probably just pay for a nice one. Although this one is waaay better than some of the others I found out there. I just hate to buy high quality ones, I guess I’m just cheap that way. Maybe that’s why I love Blender. :slight_smile:

Dope work man! Could you post a picture of the paint shader? The yellow with black racing stripes are perfect for the car

Looks really good. You did a great job on this model!

Love the car, and love the model. Nice work.
I have to agree with TM, the back plate is a little fuzzy, but on a positive note it makes the car stand out even more. So it’s not necessarily believable that the car is in the scene, but it still looks good to me.

It’s a really good render! It looks almost photo-realistic, which I guess was the goal. Yes, it’s a shame that it has such a low resolution. Add some details, improve some shaders, make it hi-res, upload it to galleries outside of BlenderArtists … there is a lot of possibilities. It’s up to you.

Edit: I mean, if you have no deadlines for this, it would be a shame not to make it as good as it could be.

Great job. I love the finishing touches and texturing.

Very good work. Looks so real. How did you do this as in the car on the road? Is the render in Cycles? Also how did you place it on the road background like that?

Did this back plate come with a matching HDR / lightprobe?

The refections really look like they fit with the environment. Great job!

What are the flaps above the windshield, they don’t look like they belong.

I like it very much. Great work!
Kindly give the renderer details, polycount, render time, etc…
Btw. front right wheel looks to be a little bit over the ground.