Shelby Daytona Coupe

This one has been giving me fits!
I haven’t found any blueprints so I’m doing all from reference pics.
Finally got the shape pretty close, lots left to do though.


Hmm more lights? Different angles?

The metal texture on the side pipes definitely needs some work, other than that you’re on the right track.

It looks good so far. Can we get a shot of the front?

Here is an update.


Looks even better, did you turn on ambient occ? and it would be good if the metal on your car had something to reflect, imo anyway.

It’s coming along well. One little thing I noticed because I often have the problem myself: the rear end of your windows “stick out” and don’t follow the general contours of the car. Check your mesh in that area and remove any tris and concave (or quasi-concave) quads that you may have made. If that doesn’t do the trick, I think you’ll have to make a loop cut or two in that area to add more support and pull a few vertices to “clamp down” the shape.

Edit: Maybe you could post a wire.

I went back to a yafray render and I think I have settled on a paint color.
Lots left still to do (redo the back, new tires, decals, Interior?, Enviroment… etc.)
This render was 3hrs 11min.


I think it’s a bit too glossy now…

Yeah what John said, a bit overboard on the glossy-ness but its definitely coming along well.

The last attempt looks good, I thing the glossyness is okay, but the strength of fresnel reflection could be lowered. The body is very bumpy, it can be seen on the highlights edges. And get rid of the awful floor, the texture is strange. The rims are really nice. Yafray is doing much better work than BI in this case. And not to forget, please post some wires.

And why are you starting new threads, if this is somehow developed.

Thanks for the input and sorry for the new thread. this project started as practice for yafray renders and then just kept going. I thought posting in focused critique would be more applicable.
My bad.

Like everybody else said, I think it’s too glossy. I would also make it less reflective. I would make the glass over the front lights a bit more milky; as it is you can hardly see it. It would be really nice to see it in a cool setting. Like a garage full of tools or something.

Nice work!