Shelby GT500 wip

This is my first ever attempt at modeling a car. This is not yet complete but i couldn’t resist a quick render.

All suggestions, criticism is welcome!

Not bad for a first! The windshield hasn’t been set to smooth shading apparently, which needs to be done. As for the wheels, I would make the hubcaps look a little “tougher”. Now they’re kind of like bicycle wheels.

Here’s an update.

Did the front lights, modeled the grill, used a texture for the tire (+bump), modeled the fuel tank cap, modeled the mirrors.
Lots of tweaking here and there, and a basic car paint shader, hdri texture and a basic scene.

I still haven’t gotten around to tweaking the windows.

Any suggestions on how i could make this more realistic?
Please bear in mind this is my first attempt at modeling a car :smiley:

Nice first attempt.

You windscreen looks wrong; the join with the surrounding frame needs better modelling. Without being familiar with the car, can’t say exactly what, but I’d get some references to study and go from there. Car paint also looks a little too glossy, without any of the depth car paint has.