Shelby (well at least should be...)

Made with Blender 2.67, Cycles
I would appreciate any comments :slight_smile:

The materials are good. Love the lighting; especially the front and back lamps on the floor! Very nice touch.

Proportions seem a bit large, but it might be a “stylized” look you were going for…I don’t know.

Something doesn’t seem right about the shapes of the wheel wells. In fact, the body doesn’t seem to have sharp enough edges for a car, you know? The back end seems like it is sagging. The scallop on the door looks like it has a seam on the front (pretty sure that should just flow into the door panel w/o any seam there…I could be wrong though…).

Window glass looks great. I like all the elements too (hood bump, roof scoop, decal, body scoops…yeah…).

wow it looks superb