Shelf Life

Hey Guys here is what I’ve been working on for the Blender cookie Halloween contest.

I would love to here some critiques:

Thanks :slight_smile:

Tecnicaly great! Storytelling great! But you could make the upper right big one look at the shelf where his old friend sat, and the lower big one should look up, afraid… Wellndone!

:evilgrin: Oooo! A mystery! I love mysteries! :yes::yes::yes:
From the angle of the sunlight coming through the window, it is still mid-afternoon. I wonder whether you could change the time of day by making the light look like it is from a streetlamp outside the house? The candles are lit, which says evening, but the sun says afternoon.

Agree good point @Orinoco

Agreed. To make look more like streetlight, I would say the light should be closer to horizontal. Maybe 5 degrees above horizontal. The scene needs to a lot darker, the light needs to be more yellowy orange, or blueish, depending if you want street or moon light. It should also be a bit more diffuse.

Hey, great image! It looks really realistic and I love the story. The one thing I would change is the camera angle. Perhaps a little more from above or below. If you focus on the broken pumpkin from the perspective of either where he fell from or fell to, it would really help sell the effect.

Awesome work,lighting’s professional!

Thanks guys, :slight_smile: I’ll probably go with the street light look, so blue key light orange fill lights.

@ Jonathan: I’ll play a few camera angles to see what I can do. :smiley:

Thanks again guys I post a other update Tuesday :slight_smile:

I also think lower cam is a good idea!

Here’s an update:

Lower camera, cool key light, warm fill lights.

Looks great so far! My favorite submission yet :yes:

I would suggest that you make the inside of the pumpkin pieces on the floor an orange color instead of white. They look more like porcelain right now (which might be what it was supposed to be, I guess, but that wouldn’t make much sense). Maybe you could also add some warts/bumps on the gourd in the upper left to make it look more like a squash instead of a wood carving.

Thanks S Simpossible

What do you think about this one?

Fill lights are a little too bright. Makes it hard to see the glow on the pumpkins. Key might be a little too bright too.