Shelf Life

Here is my WIP for the blender cookie contest.

I would love to hear my feedback:

Thanks :slight_smile:


While the lighting from the window is realistic looking, it makes the … I wanna say belly?.. of the gourd-o-lantern look like the intended focal point. Also, the way the light splits right at the shelf, plus the width of the shelf, makes it seem like two different pictures.

Really well down, in any case.


I’ll see what I can do next render…

I was playing with the colors a little and I think this looks a little better:

let me know what you guys think :slight_smile:

This is amazing! I have to agree with where the light is hitting, but this is really wonderful. Nice job! :smiley:

Looks neat. I think I kinda liked the warmer lighting setup better, it strengthened the pumpkins’ natural colour, and the whole scene looked like a nice, slightly odd workshop. The second lighting setup just feels a bit less realistic (which was, imo, a major strength of the first one).

Random thought - Maybe, if you have time, you could include some artefacts that would identify who the room belongs to? I was thinking something like a dropped scythe, or a hammer/sword, or a bag or a broom - just a little item that would expand on the implied story a lot.

Thanks guys what do you think of this?

Thanks again :slight_smile:

really nice work…3rd image is the best. Has a good feel to it :slight_smile:

Love the last image. The only thing that bothers me is all the particles floating in the air. Maybe they could be smaller, or only show in areas of strong light. I’d also try pushing the shadows a little more into the greens. Just a subtle tint.

Great work :slight_smile:

Aye, the last one is the best choice so far. Very good work!

Love the expressions on the pumpkins. Have you tried setting this up as a night scene where you have a bluish moonlight come through the window and the eyes become the dominent light source? Nonetheless, the third one is great how it is.

Thank you for your feedback

here is the next update:


Awesome! I like 3rd and last one. I think the last one is best one. Wish u good luck on Halloween contest and I would vote it,too :slight_smile:

nice lighting ! Maybe more contrast…