Shelf Life

Okay its done at last:)

Here is my entry for the BC competition.

If you like it, I would really appreciate some love over at blender cookie:

I’ll be posting the .blend after the contest is done. :slight_smile:

Thank you for time.

Nathan Wilkinson

awesome :smiley:
I’m really impressed with the lighting and shading here, you’ve definitely captured the look and feel of halloween

best of luck in the competition!

Thanks Jeepster I appreciate it. :slight_smile:

Impressive render you have there
Good job

I love the concept.
Impressive work.
Best of luck in the competition.

great work, very “painterly” feel.

Thank you :slight_smile: glad you like it.

All of the above + GREAT story-telling :slight_smile:

Ooh, I wish that you could still put this image through one more pass of the “curves” node, because the highlights are “hot” while the non-highlights seem a bit washd-out.

(In the good ol’ days, I would be reaching in the darkroom-darkness for a sheet of high-contrast printing paper. Well, heck, I still have a darkroom…!)

I can almost visualize how I would be “dodging” the pumpkin in the upper right section, and “burning in” the lower-left area, and … ooh, if I only had a kiss-of-light on the left side of that “potato at 10 o’clock” that could also kill that band-of-dark to the left of the little squash that’s sitting on the metal can at 8 o’clock …

… but, if that would entail “another 23-hour render,” then maybe a very creative “curve” would intensify the shot and bring out more of what I think it could, yet be.