shell of my first car model has glitches

Howdy folks was just playing around trying to create a simple car but its getting pretty ugly very quick… up to now really only played with symetrical shapes mostly and haven’t tried anything much “organic” like this.

Warning it is very ugly when you look at attached blend - but I’m wondering why I’m getting all the glitches around the middle sides of the shell of the car…

Is it because the corners of the quads aren’t on the same plane? I have been moving individual vertices but it then occured to me that doing this would always make quads not be on one plane? Does this mean I should always just move edges and not vertices individually?

Any other comments about where I’m going wrong most welcome too…

lilcarblend.blend (564 KB)

Select all faces (A) and recalculate normals (Ctrl+N). Some faces point outwards and some faces point inwards so you won’t get a good result when you try and smooth shade between such odd face directions.


Ah thanks heaps mate - I do remember reading about that now but have never used it until just now :slight_smile: