Shell + Snail + etc.

Another one

The topic might not be something were used to see,
but your works are an excellent display of the possibilities of blender.

These are things I expect to see in textbooks on those subjects (I don’t know anything about biology or stuff…)

one suggestions in my view
change the background to white, the lettering to black or dark gray
just make sure the ‘object’ doesn’t dissapear in the background

lots of black uses a lot of ink and if the paper is too thin, it might ripple

but, above all else, very nice


I know, I started with white, but it looks much better in black, and I’m planning to hand it in on CD-Rom. If I had to print it, I’ll definietly change it around :slight_smile:

And a Snail, Helix lucorum.

I’m not exactly sure of the placement of a few organs, as different sources tell different things, and dissection didn’t help much, it’s hard to do it while maintaining sense of direction, so if you notice same unacceptable mistakes, please tell me so. Thank you.

I really like what you doing with these and also your other examples. A good example of technical illustration , in this case more medical or scientific illistration.

this is an EXCELLENT example of how useful Blender can be…It gets so tiring looking at 3d cars or 3d girls all day long…here somebody’s actually USED Blender in an environment that helps other people…great work! Makes me think about using Blender in some music appreciation classes…hmmm I already have a tuba modelled… thanks for the inspiration:D

My thoughts exactly. Great 3d presentation work. You should post this to CGtalk as one example of a practical usage of 3d software. Some folks only think of using 3d software in terms of movie or game production. Really anything can be presented with 3d design tools.

i have to say I’m VERY happy to see blender used in real work. this is very good presentation stuff.

but I also have to say: eeeeeewwww… I hate insides of people.


Thanx guys.

Basse, should I put a warning in the title? :slight_smile:
I went for a plastic look for this exact reason, and also for the reason that it’s simple and illustrative. I could have chosen to model them with the exact colors, materials, shapes, and body liquids and stuff, but it would be harder to see what’s what, and less acceptable to those not used to this stuff. But really if you still think it’s gross, please tell me so, it’s intended to be illustrative, not realistic.

Another one

and another

I know I’m now rushing, but I have to.