shell type of thing. How to ?

Hi , do you know how can i do this ?
I really dont have a clue how to do it ,

Maybe if i do a 2d spline with the shape as if we were loooking at it from the front , them , i extrude this many times , then scale it down with ‘‘o’’ , and the from the side view with alt select a selection and move it with ‘‘o’’ on and round.

i’ll try it and post back.

But if you got a better idea or allready one , i’de be so thankfull ;D

Get your basic ‘petal’ shape, and then multiply it with either dupliverts or with an array modifier. One way to get the petal shape is to just create a UV sphere and stretch it roughly to what you want, and then lope off the top vertices. Another way is to outline the outer shape of the petal and keep extruding and shrinking the edges successively until you have a flat shape with a lot of vertices. A trick Modron revealed was to then add a ‘die’ mesh by placing another mesh sphere in the ‘male’ shape of what you want above the ‘female’ cast while still in edit mode so that both are still of the same mesh. While the porportional editing tool is off you can move selected vertices around without disturbing the female cast. (The ‘L’ key is your friend here for selecting distinct collections of vertices that are yet of the same mesh) With porportional on, the selected verts will emboss the female cast. Search Modron and look for his turtle tutorial from a few years back for the technique.

However it is done, once the petal is ready in object mode move the object center to the petal’s bottom. Use the topview window, NUM7. Then, add an empty right where your object center is. Reselect your petal. Add an array modifier, turn off relative positioning and turn on object positioning. In the blank field, type in ‘Empty’ or whatever you may have named your empty. Now select the empty object and rotate it. However many array objects you specify will fan out from the original. You’ll have to experiment to get what you want. Once you’re happy, hit the apply button of the modifier, and you’ll be set. Try modelling a 90 degree region and then using a mirror modifier to cut your workload. No doubt, you’ll have a lot of editing and merging of verts to do to get it exactly right.

Dupliverts will also work, but the explanation would be longer. This is probably Intermediate stuff, so don’t get frustrated. It just takes time.

Not sure how important it is to you to keep the vertice count under control.

You could delete 3/4 of a standard UVSphere (keeping the geometry in mind).
ie. add in top view, rotate in side view 90 degrees, and then keep the back top quarter of the UVSphere (as seen in Front view).
Then select 8 of the inner “ribs” of the UVSphere and scale them down (scaling to the cursor).

Then apply a subsurf modifer (to obtain a more curvy result) and then, in object mode apply the subsurf.
Then a bit of tweaking to get the proper roundness on the clamshell ridges.
I used Alt_s with proportional editing tool (limiting the scaling to 2 axis) ie. lock out the Y axis using Shift_y to get the desired product.
hope that helps - a little hard to explain; but that’s the basic idea. After that just a bit of final adjustments.
Here’s the final result: