Hi, These were the result of about 20 nodes each.
Shell Factory Script. Blender Internal. 8 Min. Render. 26k image.
Larger Version On my Site.

Nice, now to paralax map them and make an xbox 360 game with them lolz.
those are pretty nice, I may try that script. Any idea where a recent version of it may be :slight_smile: ?

Hi jackblack, You can find the script I used here:
It’s an older script but still good.
Is the link I listed in the Wiki. Same script.
I do remember there is a similar script (maybe same one beta)
With no interface, all the parameters are set in the text editor.
Thanks, M.A.

Very nice and intriguing! I think a background would have really added flavor to this piece. Maybe have the shells lying on the sand or a countertop or something and a little more texture to the shells. Maybe even a nice gloss on one or both of them. Keep up the awesome work though!