Shelly Beach rd

Hi all,

I’ve started using lux at work for my arch renders since it’s becoming more and more useable.

Here’s a project for Shelly Beach Rd.

The first pic is a composition into an existing site picture lit by a HDR map,
second pic is the rear of the building with a more warm/sunny lighting using a HDR map
and a sunsky sun component.

Unfortunateley there’s still some errors in the renders, some shadows are wrong and there’s still some normal issues with the exporter (the green balustrade glass shows it clearly) which i’m currently investigating.
Although the customer was happy, they usually don’t look at renders technically so they did’nt notice :slight_smile:


I’m sure the customer is happy; looks really good Radiance, as usual. And the Luxrender does it’s job just fine ey! What were the render-times of each? Lit by HDR and sun-sky, reflections on the walls even, it must’ve taken a while innit?

Very very nice! I like the atmosphere.

No crits here. It’s extremely convincing. There may well be technical faults in your render but the eye (mine at least) interprets them as being… due to the camera being used. This sentiment is reinforced by the excessive amount of chromatic aberration found in the background image, which is typical of a non-professional grade digital camera. Hence, with a cursory examination, you can’t tell that the image has been composited because all the elements are coherent. The brain tends to suspend its disbelief more easily than you might think…


thanks for the comments :slight_smile:

there’s actually a small amount of chromatic abberation applied as a post proc effect in the first render, to try and get it to match the photo. (maybe just tad to little…)
i usually try and leave a bit of noise in the renders too to match the noise levels in the photo, or introduce some small noise to the photo to make it match more or less.

these renders are quite fast actually, exteriors are very doable with unbiased renderers, as it’s easy for the engine to find the lightsource (the sky).
in the majority of cases the paths constructed bounce once on the building and then touch the sky to be illuminates so it’s fairly efficient compared to an interior for example.

both rendered ~9.5 hours on 1 quad core @2.4GHz using 2 cores each.
that would be equivalent to 1.5 core2 cores each due to the shared FSB.


No crits. 5 stars. Beautifantasticawesome piece.

OMG!.at first i thought that these were the photo references …this is better than what its going to be in real .5 stars"wish i could have given you some more stars