This is my first blender work. made this using internal rendering.

This is a very cute dog, and very good work, especially for your first Blender project! You’ve also done a great job setting up your scene for the Blender Internal renderer. The modeling and the hair looks very good. I also like that you’ve chosen to have the dog staring to the side, instead of simply straight ahead. Just by moving the eyes you’ve given a little bit of personality to the dog.

If I were to make a suggestion, it would be to add some fill light to the shadows to soften them up. They are a little dark now, but if you prefer the look of darker shadows, then no adjustment is necessary. It is an artistic choice, after all.

Very good work!

In addition, the dog’s nose as of now seems to resemble a beveled cube rather than something that would be naturally attached to the end of the muzzle, it would really help to learn more about texturing and material blending, even if much of it is going to be covered by fur.

Thanks James. I’m glad to like it.
It is surely dark as you say.
I’ll improve it.

Thanks Ace for advising it.
I surely think so. I’ll learn about it more.