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I started this blog yesterday and I wanted it to be a place where I can share my knowledge. I am experienced in python (and many more languages) and wanted to help others out.

So far I have covered a little bit on python and pygame but I want to expand and do more things such as for blender and networking games in BGE.

It would be nice if you have any suggestions on what articles and tutorials I should write next.

I personally would like a breakdown of the bge codebase, and see how to edit logic bricks…

but that is a little outside the area you suggested.

another - how to build a custom build of blender, compiling etc,

exporting and encrypting games? or even teaching how to create a game installer/updater could be immensly helpful to the community if you think you could achieve this :smiley:

Nice ideas! I’ll have a look at them tonight! The installer should be pretty straight forward and I’m thinking even the custom build of blender

A few more tutorials on python. These are the type of things I found hard to understand at the start when I was learning python. See them at