She's a Sleeve (Altered Carbon Fan Art)

Small project that I completed a few days ago. All Shaders are based on the Principled Shader and are compatible with Eevvee (Rendering was done in Cycles). I would like to have an eevee comparison picture to show how awsome this scene looks in eevee, but I had a bug that shows the shaders only black without unplugging and connecting each shader material in the node editor each time I opened it in 2.8. I also had frequent crashes wich made it impossible to get all materials to work at the same time.
I would greatly appreciate it if you kindly give me some feedback so I can improve my next renders.



Got it working in eevee, looks pretty nice. For some reason the hair does strange things on actual renders, so I took some screenshots for the moment.


nice job!!

looks amazing. especially the side picture, the wrinkles looks great!

Made some more renders with the character: