Shield/Forcefield effect

Been looking at various videos and tutorials around the net but not found anything specific that im looking to create.

Reference image:

Im making some artwork (first project) to do with the new Star Wars game from bioware. Most of the classes have shields in the stle of the Halo shields, is there anyway to reproduce this in Blender, i know it can be done in after effects but i only want it for a still image.

Tried messing around with particles and helf spheres but being a noob i cant seem to make it work. I want a more lightening effect to it. A translucent blue/green sphere with 3/4 arcs of lightening arcing over it. Thats my vision.

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Has anyone done anything similar to this successfully and if so can i get some pointers please?

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Been working on my own solution today and came up with using a glass texture for the shield but i need it to look more “electrified” any tips? Tried some Bezier Curves with some compositing to look like lightening but they ended up looking tacky.

glass with displace texture?

Clouds texture blue.

Will test and upload resutls.