shield of unions

okay, some of you who have seen some of my other posts know im makeing a movie for an art contest i take very seriously.

its a secret but i cant help but let little things slide here and there. (if you look around my posts you can find little bits of details about what my movie is about)

well anyway i have shown one bad guy in my movie (a black maggot robot) one good guy (night warrior) and so i thought i should post one weapon, and reveal a little of about the style im using. (i will post one terrain in the next few months)

the movie as some of you might know, is in gray scale. I discovered that high-poly models, strategic lights and color, lots of ray mirrors, and plenty of particals give a fantastic effect. (you will have to wait until march to see just what im talking about) i have plenty of models i just have to “grayify” them now.

back to the point, this is an X94 assualt, uh,… sword… its done and will probably be the last thing i post for a few months. (the black maggots are there for fun)

so, yeah… sorry for the rambling and let me know what you think of it :stuck_out_tongue:



ooh looks kewl…kinda weird tho :stuck_out_tongue:

Yeah, sorta strange, but good modeling. I don’t think this would be a finished project, though, would it? You need an environment, for starters.

i had no idea you were working on a short, but now that i see the bot i like where you’re going with the visuals, just from that little glimpse.

Looks pretty sweet!
But I have one small crit on the gun/sword thing.
There is a small lump on the top of the top blade near to the stock, and I think maybe you should just flatten that out.


Good luck on your movie.

oooo… i see… whoops…

well thanks for for the comments and i hope everything goes as well as i have it imagined.