Shield Question

Hi guys, im wondering something about shields, i have seen that in some games, when you hit an shield, it just make an part of the sphere visible like in this video: at 5:00 the player attacks an ship and the shield only make an part of it visible, how can i do this?, and if you can, leave an Example blend

I’d suggest creating a semi-sphere with a texture as though it is lighting up. Set the face mode to ‘add’ and double-sided (and maybe turn up emit/whatever).

Whenever a missile ‘hits’ a ship, place an empty at the position of the missile and add a sphere object over the ship. Both of these items should be parented to the ship.

The sphere object should track to the empty, and play an ipo that fades it in and out, then ends both itself and the empty after a delay. If you need more detail just ask.

In a pinch, adding a part of a sphere which fades and then ends itself would work, though if two of them overlapped it’d look strange (which would happen frequently, if a lot of shots are being fired from one ship at another)

Unfortunately the only other idea I have is to have a sphere around the ship (or any other shape, really) and when a shot hits it gets all teh nearby vertices and increases the alpha of them- and then you’d need another script that gradually reduces the alpha. That might get a bit resource-heavy though, and might be a bit of a pain to set up. It’s an interesting challenge though, I’m gonna see if I can’t make that effect.

Well, it didn’t take long for me to get in over my head. Sorry I couldn’t help.