(endi) #1

simple displacement mapping
and other maps: refamb, bump, specular, rayrefl
I will upload the textures!
The face drawed on paper with pen. 5 minutes of work, simple line art.
I scanned it and make maps with simple Photoshop effects: blur, color curves etc…
So the model and the textures: 30 minutes of work.
Material setting: hours… :slight_smile:

(Roger) #2

:o … the hell … :smiley: that’s so cooool :smiley: wow!
First time I actually liked a shield, man that is origional. Great work man. Both renders are really very cool. Sorry, but no critics. (Perhaps a fella holding it…)

(Marcoscosci) #3

Awesome shield!
I prefer a brand-new shining shield, but this one seems to be used a lot of times in battle.
Anyway, can you post a picture without damage? I would appreciate it.

(BgDM) #4

Great model endi!

Not sure I like the image compression, but that is all I can find with it.


(paroneayea) #5


I love it!

(Gwendolan) #6

Looks great! :o
I am just not sure, if it’s really moddeled or if its painted and nor/disp-mapped…
If it’s modeled, could you make a render where you can see that awesom shield from the side?

(Claws) #7

ponder normalmapping?

(endi) #8

update in post#1: making info

([Kothe]) #9

This is soo cool! 8)

(endi) #10

here you can download the textures

(DedKnight) #11

!#)(&[email protected]#)(& amazing [!]

(endi) #12

download the textures and try to make better renders

(endi) #13

support me :wink:

(Blur11) #14

dude thats a shet lode of vert :o :o

(Dittohead) #15

I like it.

I agree with the CGtalk thread’s first reply.

Could we get a side view?

(Kashoki) #16

Here is my pathetic shield inspiration…lol. :wink:

([Kothe]) #17

I don’t realy think it’s nice to post your own pictures so big in anotherones thread. It’s better if you change it to a thumb-nail!

(Kashoki) #18

:expressionless: , opps, sorry, I wasn’t thinking. My bad endi.

I removed it…

(Tamarin) #19

He did invite others to try. I would like to see it.

(Roger) #20

Indeed, please do post it, it would be interesting to see for everybody and Endi said to try and make an other or better one.