Shift + A woes. Opinions?

I think a while ago I started a thread saying if I could change a shortcut,but I don’t think its that simple .I thought i’d bring it to blender discussion as its something about blenders usability.

Its pretty simple really,why is right-click not an option in the node editor instead of shift+a?,its seems like a small thing,but I feel it would make a huge difference to speed/workflow,and be less annoying.

As far as the node editors ,right click only seems to be for box selection,which can still be done by hitting B anyway.

anyone agree? Is there something i’m missing or not understanding about blenders intended “design” ?

Just add the RMB option in the User Preferences / Input panel in addition to, or instead of Shift+A

isnt there still an add button in the toolbar in both 3D-Viewport and node editor?
at the top in viewport and at the bottom in node editor.

the hell,this didn’t work before and now it did?

ok thanks,I think it should be default though.