Shift animation by a few frames

I have an animation set up, but the action I’m focusing on doesn’t start until a few frames into the animation. I’d like to shift my whole animation by those few frames so the action I’m showing begins on frame 1.

I think I’ve seen this done before in the animation editor, but there is still a lot there I’m unfamiliar with.

I have found the dope sheet is the best lace to change the timing of animation key frames. Select the one ones you want to move, press g and move.

Thanks. Is there any way to precisely control the delta? After pressing the left-arrow key, the display read, “DeltaX: -1.00 (-1.7651)”. Is 1.7651 the frame shift here? Making the dope sheet wider provides finer control using the arrow key, but I would prefer even finer control.

i have no idea what your talking about. in the dope sheet selct all the keyframes (the dots on your dopesheet) press G and slide them along until they are at the frame you desire, as Place 57 said.
what is this Delta you are refering to??

Thanks for the friendly response. As I’m sliding the keyframes, in the lower-left corner of the dope sheet pane, a label appears, telling me by how much I’ve moved them. There are two numbers, one which appears to always align with an integer, while the number in parentheses changes by fractions. I can post a screen shot of this, but I would guess anyone could see it in their own copy of Blender. I’m running 2.64

I’d like to know what each of those numbers represents, and whether I can tell Blender the exact DeltaX by which I’d like to adjust.

I’d read the manual, but as far as I can tell, the pages that might be applicable are all "Void page"s.

If I change auto-snap from “Nearest Frame” to “Timestep”, the number in parentheses is no longer displayed. I’d really prefer to understand my tools, rather than guessing at things, but am having trouble finding quality documentation for much of Blender.

You’re not alone.

There has been some noise in the last few weeks about getting the BlenderWiki updated. When the actual work will start is hard to say, but please be assured that something if finally happening in this area.

snapped value (actual dragged value)
As far as I know, the number in parenthesis isn’t practically relevant for the outcome.
When you disable snapping, there’s only the second value to display.

You can specify an exact value by typing it during the transform.

When you press arrow buttons during a transform (be it keyframes or a 3d object), it moves the mouse cursor by one pixel. So the numerical result will depend completely on zoom level.

oops, sorry if i sounded sharp :frowning:
the numbers may be important i have just never paid any attention to them and have had no problems whith moving the keyframes around. just keep an eye on the time line to ensure that the keys end up on the frame that you require.