Shift + click the outliner = Multiple hide / show does not work

Is this not implemented yet?
In 2.79, shift + click toggle between showing and hiding the multiple parent and child object.
A bit, 2.8 doesn’t work with shift + click. It is isolated by ctrl + click Alt + click just deactivates all reports.
2.80 is beta. Some people have said that it is safe or no problem to switch 2.79 to 2.80.
How do you manage so many objects with this?

Yes, we need hiding all children back. The worst thing about the isolate at the moment is that you can not “unisolate” by ctrl-clicking again. You have to manually turn on all objects.

One workaround is selecting the parent in the viewport and going:
shift - g -> c -> h
But there is no easy way to unhide them afaik.

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Devs listed high priority task to solve in order to deliver a usable 2.80.

Outliner is one of those.

If you use numpad / in 3Dview, isolate acts like in 2.79.

Many people probably are not annoyed because of easy way to create collections.
you can create as many collections as you want and they can be nested.
After creating collections corresponding to your hierarchy, 2.79 ctrl click is replaced by a simple click.

We tried isolation … What is it!
Certainly it seems that you have to be able to make all objects hidden manually visible.
And thank you for teaching me the measures.
2.80 is very … There are extra procedures for what was possible in 2.79.
We want to think that is the beta version only.

We created a collection, moved to collection, and tried to hide the collection.
Certainly, the collection’s eye icon shows and hides all objects.
Even for individually hidden objects.
shift + click works only on the collection’s eye icon! Why is this not possible for parents and children?

Separation is also somewhat cumbersome. The reason is that there is a bug that collections created with shift + g are not displayed in the outliner.
Of course you can find it. There is a collection that should have been created if you filtered the orphan data in the outliner.
This did not happen with collections created from the outliner.

Many people probably are not annoyed because of easy way to create collections.

Is that so.
Since 2.80 is a beta version, I thought that there are still many troublesome steps that could be improved.
We are not anger. As 2.80 is a beta version, it seems that there are still some parts that are very difficult to understand.

Because 2.8 is not finished. Devs are working on it.

So, stop to use Ctrl G. Use only M and Shift M.

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It’s still in beta. indeed.
We heard that there is a 2.8 UI adjustment in May. It seems that there is no need to switch quickly from 2.79 to 2.8. thanks.