Shift+D and the IPO

How do I disconnect the IPO of duplicates of an object (using Shift+D) from each other?

For example: A dozen duplicates of an object are created using shift+D. Selecting and inserting a location for any of the objects will make all of them pile on top of each other when the timeline is scrubbed. I can’t seem to separate them.

I’ve tried deleting each object’s IPO. I’ve tried a few other things like making sure the duplicates are not grouped, or parented, etc.

Originally, the object came from a different blend file. I linked to it then packed it into the current file. I’m thinking it took some data with it from the original blend file that’s making all the objects animate as one. But I don’t know what and how to fix it.

click the number in the header next to the name and click the Single User? confirmation. You will now have a copy of the ipo but assigned only to that object.

Thanks for pointing the way! It was confusing at first since next to the name was an “F”. Clicking the “F” changed it to a “2”.

I was then able to click the “2” and choose “Single User?”

I’ll try it shortly. Of course, I may screw it up again. But at least I can find it in the documentation now.

Yes, I agree here, I find the datablock quite confusing…

It didn’t work. I made the original object and its duplicates (Shift+D) Single user. After making them Single User, their numeric extension incremented. So the IBeam, IBeam.001, IBeam.002 became IBeam.007, IBeam.008, IBeam.009, etc.

I figure that indicates a new Single User object. Under “Objects and Links”, the name OB:IBeam.007 shows a “2” then followed by an “F”. If it’s supposed to be a Single User, then why is it still a “2”? That was what it was before. I suspect it should be a “1”.

Anyway, I tried animating one of the objects and all of the others, once again, piled up on the same position as the one being animated.

Where should I look in the datablock to verify single user and separate the IPO for each?

U is the menu for Make Single User, Choose the Ipos option with all the objects selected

U know your menus. It’s working! Thanks.

How I wish I were younger and could remember all the menus, options, etc. I was attending an Adobe workshop one time where the Maya and 3DS Max gurus state that nobody knows it all.

So I’ll take comfort with that and try to at least master what little I use in Blender.